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Discover Apetice Cream: the new ice cream for dogs and cats!

Summer is here, and with it the sweltering heat that makes us look for ways to cool off. And for our four-legged friends? We have the perfect answer for them: Apetice Cream by MAIKAI Pets, ice cream specially designed for dogs and cats! Made with care and using natural ingredients, these delicious ice creams are not only refreshing, but also offer numerous health benefits for our precious companions.


Exquisite flavours to delight the palate


Apetice Cream offers two delicious flavours to delight your furry friend’s palate. A tasty combination of yoghurt with apple and kiwi, offering a unique and refreshing taste experience. And yoghurt with red fruits and watermelon, creating an irresistible explosion of flavours. Your dogs and cats will love these treats.


Health benefits


At MAIKAI Pets we pay special attention to the health and well-being of our furry friends. That’s why our ice creams are made without lactose or added sugars, which makes them easily digestible for everyone. Even cats can enjoy them. In addition, our ice creams contain prebiotics, which have many benefits for your health. They help to: improve seasonal allergies, regulate digestive problems, reduce inflammation throughout the body, improve cognitive function and general behaviour in our companions.


Specific ingredients for specific benefits


Each flavour of Apetice Cream offers unique benefits. The apple and kiwi range contains collagen, an essential element to help protect your pet’s joints, skin and bones. On the other hand, the watermelon and berries flavour is enriched with chicory inulin, which helps facilitate digestion and strengthens the immune system in a natural way.





Versatile use


As well as being a refreshing summer treat, Apetice Cream ice creams can be used in many ways. You can mix them into your pet’s food to add a special touch, or give them as non-frozen snacks to lick for a fun and tasty experience.


Ready to enjoy at any time


One of the best qualities of Apetice Cream is its convenience. They do not need to be refrigerated for preservation, nor do they need to be prepared or watered. Just freeze our delicious treats a few hours in advance, and they’ll be ready to treat your pet. Don’t forget to let the ice cream sit for a few minutes after taking it out of the freezer for a creamy texture that your furry friend will love.


As temperatures rise and summer approaches, it is important to keep our pets cool and hydrated. With Apetice Cream, you can give them a refreshing and nutritious treat they’ll love. These lactose- and sugar-free ice creams are suitable for all breeds and ages, including cats. Supplemented with prebiotics, collagen and inulin, Apetice Cream by MAIKAI Pets is beneficial to your pet’s health while cooling them down in the warmer months.


Buy your Apetice Cream and let your furry friends enjoy the taste of summer while staying happy and healthy.