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MAIKAI is a Hawaiian word meaning good, useful and beautiful.

The beginning: A FRIENDSHIP

Our story is born of friendship. MAIKAI was born when 4 friends who love animals and nature, concerned about natural, real and sustainable food for both people and pets we decided that there is a place for us in the market.

Our other great friends have 4 legs, and we understood that, just as we take care of what we eat, in terms of quality and origin, our furry friends also deserved it. We were no longer talking about basic food, as there are already several brands on the market, but about fun moments and helping to promote the health of our furry friends.

Things done from the heart cannot go wrong.

Maikai Pets - Origen

MAIKAI: Origin

MAIKAI is a young company with a long professional career of its team. Always driven by the desire to progress, honesty and integrity.

MAIKAI is a Hawaiian word meaning good, useful and beautiful. As soon as we analysed it, it was clear. MAIKAI was representing us. And as a brand we felt it represented the coherence of what we wanted to do.

In MAIKAI we are a creative and innovative team, we always seek excellence in everything we do and we offer the best product proposals with the best quality for pets.

Although MAIKAI was born in 2020, we can say that we have come a long way to be able to offer our best proposal to the market, based on the natural and healthy alternative for our furry friends, with a clear objective of being environmentally sustainable.

MAIKAI Philosophy:

We believe things can be done better.

From the need to look for a healthier and better nutrition for people, arises the need to look for better alternatives for the furry ones. Better products, natural, quality, and with an awareness of environmental sustainability.

Being a small company is not incompatible with being able to do things well. In fact, it’s the way to do it with affection. And so we project it in everything we do.

We hope that you will become part of this little family that is also convinced by our values.

Maikai Pets - Filosofia


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