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100% natural and long-lasting chews for dogs. Ideal to release stress and enjoy a healthy and entertaining time.

Prevent your furry friend from chewing on other things. Start using natural chews.

Thanks to natural dog chews, our furry friends can satisfy their need to chew while getting health benefits and staying engaged for hours at a time.

Our chews will help your dog’s dental health by combating bad breath, promoting the removal of plaque and tartar and exercising the jaw.





100% natural products, sourced from the annual pruning of trees that have not been treated with chemicals or pesticides.

The antlers are collected through the natural shedding process that occurs once a year in European forests.

Olive sticks soaked in olive oil: Made from natural olive wood and soaked in olive oil, these chews are durable and safe for chewing. The olive scent stimulates your dog’s interest and promotes healthy chewing. Made from sustainable olive wood, this chew is a true luxury. Soaked in olive oil, it offers a flavor and aroma that your dog won’t be able to resist. Its solid texture is ideal for dental cleaning and strengthening gums.

Deer antlers: Ethically sourced, our deer antlers are a natural and sustainable chewing option. They are rich in nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, promoting your dog’s dental and bone health. These antlers, obtained from the natural shedding of deer, are a treasure trove of minerals and vital nutrients for your dog’s bone health. Choose from a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit for your pet.

Coffee wood stick soaked in olive oil: Made from natural coffee wood and soaked in olive oil, this chew offers a unique chewing experience. The natural coffee stimulates your dog’s senses, providing an enriching play experience. Produced from recycled coffee wood and infused with olive oil, this unique chew satisfies your dog’s chewing instinct while introducing an exceptionally appealing flavor.

Himalayan Yak Cheese: These bars are a delicious blend of Himalayan cheese and other natural ingredients. They are rich in calcium and proteins, promoting your dog’s dental and muscular health. Made with authentic Himalayan cheese, these bars are a rich source of calcium and proteins. Perfect as a reward, they keep your dog entertained and engaged for hours. For specific product characteristics, consult the detailed information for each item.

Make sure your dog always has plenty of fresh water within reach.

Being a completely natural product, they may have a slight earthy smell, and vary in colour, weight, shape and thickness.

Perfect for use indoors and outdoors.

Always supervise your dog with their chew toy. Remove it at signs of excessive wear or fragmentation.

Ensure access to fresh water and store it in a cool, dry place to preserve its quality.