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Perro en su transportín para poder viajar en la cabina de un avión

Travelling with pets on transport: can your dog go with you?

Planning our holidays is always complicated. Booking transport, hotel, buying tickets… A real gymkhana! If we add travelling with pets to the equation, things get more complicated. In today’s post we offer you a small guide to the basics when travelling with pets such as dogs and cats on public transport such as planes, trains and buses.

What do I need to travel with pets?

When travelling with small pets, you will need several important items. The first thing is to make sure you have a suitable cage or carrier for your little companion. Make sure it is spacious and safe enough to keep your pet comfortable throughout the journey. In addition, up-to-date health documents, such as vaccination certificates and a veterinary passport, are required when travelling abroad. Don’t forget to include a blanket or familiar toys to help your pet feel more comfortable and secure during the journey. Always remember to research the specific regulations for the destination you are travelling to with your pet, as each country or airline may have additional requirements Be well prepared and enjoy a great trip with your beloved pet!

Travelling with pets by air

Requirements for your dog, cat or ferret to travel with you

Check that you have the following documents:

European Passport for the movement of pet animals

– Have a microchip or tattoo

– Have a rabies vaccination, which must be included in the passport, and other relevant vaccinations.

In addition to these requirements for travelling with pets, it is important that you check the specific requirements for the country you are visiting so that you don’t miss anything. You can complete this information on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. AENA also has a guide with a summary of what you need.

In addition, it is recommended that the dog is trained and sociable.

Can my pet fly with me in the cabin?

You will have to consult the conditions of each company, but one of the key factors for your pet to travel in the cabin with you is the weight of the pet. The general rule is that they should weigh a maximum of 8 kilos, including the weight of the carrier. Some companies that set this limit are: Iberia, Air Europa, Vueling o Air France.

Dog in its carrier to be able to travel in the aeroplane cabin

There are airlines such as Ryanair or Easyjet that do not allow pets to travel. On the other hand, others set a limit of more than 8 kilos for flying in the cabin. One of them is Viva Aerobús, which allows pets up to 12 kilos to travel in the cabin.

Do guide or assistance dogs also have to comply?

As a general rule, these dogs are exempt from limitation provided they are accompanied by the person they are assisting.

What restrictions are there for pets travelling in the hold?

Each airline and country may have different regulations and policies regarding the carriage of animals in the hold. In general, requirements such as the presentation of up-to-date vaccination documents or veterinary certificates, as well as the use of appropriate carriers according to the size of the pet are usually stipulated. In addition, some airlines may limit the type of animals allowed in the hold or have breed- or species-specific restrictions. For accurate and up-to-date information, contact the airline you plan to travel with directly and check the current regulations.

To make travelling with pets a pleasant experience, here are some recommendations:

  • Avoid flights with stopovers.
  • Make sure your pet does not eat 4 hours before the flight.
  • Before the flight, if he is not used to being in a carrier, gradually get him used to it in the days before the flight. For example, keep him in the kennel for an hour and when he comes out, reward him with a natural treat so that he perceives it as a reward for good behaviour.
  • Have your dog wear some form of identification, such as a tag with your name and phone number on it.
  • Make him travel with his favourite toys. For example, you can opt for one of our natural teethers.

How many hours can a dog travel by plane?

A dog may travel by air for a maximum of 12 hours. However, it is advisable to find out, as each pet has its own special needs, and not all dogs and cats may be able to cope with a journey in the same way.

Travelling with pets by train

Restrictions on travelling with pets such as dogs and cats by train are similar to those for air travel.

Dog waiting on the platform for a ride on the train


On Renfe you can travel with pets up to 10 kilos as long as they travel in a carrier and with a limit of one pet per person. Nowadays you can also travel with dogs up to 40 kilos on certain routes with these pre-established seats. This year, 2023, they have extended the number of journeys with this service, making many train users happy who until now had to travel without their pets because of their size.


The advantage of Ouigo over Renfe is that it allows you to carry up to 2 pets weighing up to 10 kilos each (including the weight of the carrier). On the other hand, they do not have the option of travelling with larger dogs, as Renfe does allow on some routes.


The latest rail operator to arrive in our country also allows a pet of up to 10 kilos to travel with you, but in this case they only allow one pet per person.


Renfe’s low cost alternative is the only operator that does not allow pets on its trains. This prohibition does not apply to guide and assistance dogs.


Travelling with pets by bus

The bus, due to its limited space, is perhaps one of the most restrictive means of transport when it comes to travelling with pets. In companies such as Alsa, the number of pets per trip is limited to one pet per journey, which must not exceed 10 kilos. In addition, as they have to travel in the luggage compartment, they recommend not to travel with them when the ambient temperature is above 25ºC. As much as we want our furry companions to accompany us, the most important thing is that they do so safely.

How much does it cost to travel with your pet?

In most companies, there is an extra cost associated with having your pet accompany you. To find out which one it is, check the conditions of each company before you get any surprises.

Is it worth travelling with your pet?

This is a question many pet owners ask themselves when planning a trip. And although it involves both extra expense and detailed planning and having all the necessary documents, at MAIKAI Pets we believe that YES, it definitely pays off.

Girl with her dog on public transport

Travelling with your pet can be a rewarding experience for both you and your faithful companion. You will be able to share unique moments together and create unforgettable memories. In addition, by taking your pet with you, you avoid leaving it in the hands of strangers in an unfamiliar place, which can be stressful for both you and your pet. However, there are also important considerations to take into account before embarking on this adventure. You should make sure that the travel destination is pet-friendly and meets the specific needs of your pet. It is also important to prepare everything they need, from their documentation to their favourite food and toys. In conclusion, if you are willing to invest time and effort in properly planning your trip with your pet, it will definitely be worth it to enjoy new experiences together and explore new places while strengthening your special bond.