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Maikai Pets’ entrepreneurial journey: From dream to reality

In the world of entrepreneurship, every company has a unique story behind its creation. In the case of Maikai Pets, the story begins with a shared vision of providing high quality, natural products for pets. This vision was born out of a passion for animal welfare and a desire to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. Join us on a behind-the-scenes journey to discover how the idea of creating Maikai Pets came about. We will tell you how we overcame the challenges to make it a reality.

First of all, allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Danco, I’m a Golden Retriever and, as DogCEO of Maikai Pets, I have the privilege of closely observing and participating in the fascinating world of entrepreneurship. Led by my human friends, Régulo, Lidia, Miriam and Daniel. Maikai Pets has been a journey of innovation, challenges and triumphs. Through these words, I want to share our story, not only as a chronicle of business growth, but as a source of inspiration for professionals and entrepreneurs.




The Origin

This adventure began in 2021, when my four best human friends, Régulo, Lidia, Miriam and Daniel, decided to embark on an adventure that would change our lives forever. 4 friends who, each with their own skills and experiences, joined forces with a common purpose: to improve the health and well-being of pets through natural products. At a time when the world was in a state of uncertainty and constant change, the need for different products in the pet market has never been clearer. And… that’s how entrepreneurs are, in bad times, true entrepreneurs see opportunities.

Among the founders, there were two veteran entrepreneurs. Since I was a puppy, I watched Lidia and Miriam create magic in the business world with their agency WDI, helping multinational companies bring new products to market and increase their sales. Their experience and passion for entrepreneurship, combined with Régulo’s technical ingenuity and Daniel’s strategic vision, created the perfect team to launch something exciting: MAIKAIPets!



The first steps

The first days were full of challenges. Humans worked day and night, researching, creating and testing the best healthy and wholesome alternatives for pets like me. I, as a good DogCEO, oversaw the operations, making sure that each product made our tails wag with happiness and well-being.

The path of entrepreneurship is rarely straightforward, and ours was full of learning. The initial challenges, from refining the value proposition to establishing a presence in digital channels, taught us the importance of adaptability and resilience. Through constant innovation and commitment to our mission, we managed to expand our presence, first in digital channels.

From my position as DogCEO, I have been honoured to be part of a team that not only seeks business success, but also strives to make a meaningful difference in the world. We are no longer only looking for excellence in product quality, in the value chain with suppliers, but also with the responsibility to be sustainable with all packaging.



The big moment came when we finally expanded into Europe in 2022 through marketplaces. It was an incredible achievement! Seeing our products cross borders and reach homes in different countries was a dream come true. And believe me, for a DogCEO, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing more furry friends enjoying a healthier and happier life thanks to the efforts of the team.

As DogCEO, I have been fortunate to lead my team on one of our most exciting and challenging adventures to date: the launch of our ecommerce in 2023. This milestone not only represented a significant expansion of our digital footprint, but also aligned with our commitment to improving the lives of pets around the world through healthy, natural alternatives.

Launching our ecommerce was a monumental task that required months of preparation, strategy and dedication. The main challenge was to build a platform that was not only intuitive and easy to use for pet owners, but also reflected the values and mission of Maikai Pets.

From the very beginning, we set out to create and nurture a social media community. The aim was twofold: on the one hand, we wanted to educate pet owners about the benefits of natural products and, on the other hand, to create a space for exchange and mutual support among pet lovers.


In 2024 we have a big goal that will mark an exciting milestone in our history: to go physical shops. This step is not only an expansion of our distribution channels, but a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Maikai Pets team. The anticipation of this new chapter fills us with excitement and reflects our continued commitment to the well-being of pets by offering natural products globally. I dream that more and more amidogs will enjoy all our healthy and wholesome products.


Final Reflections

Throughout this journey, my humans and I have learned that entrepreneurship is much more than just doing business. It is about passion to make a difference, perseverance in the face of adversity and, above all, friendship and teamwork. Maikai Pets is not just a company; it is a family. It is a community united by the love of pets and the commitment to offer them the best.

Let’s keep moving forward, making the world a better place, because things can always be done better!