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Happy day to all Dogmoms

At Maikai, we want to celebrate all Dogmoms on this special day. Their unconditional love, dedication and care for their furry friends make them exceptional mothers.

Today, we are honoured to share the experiences of four of our ambassadors, Nala, Yuma and Choco y Duque who touch us with their stories of what it means to have exceptional mothers and how our natural products have positively impacted their lives.

Dogmom Nala: A natural and pure love

Being Nala’s mum has been and is an experience full of love, complicity and learning. From the moment he came into our lives, his joy, companionship and unconditional loyalty have complemented our daily lives.

She teaches us the importance of living in the moment, loving unconditionally and finding happiness in the little things.

Caring for her is a priority, and for this we always choose natural products, such as those from Maikai, which respect her health and well-being. The benefits of natural products are reflected in their vitality, coat and tireless energy.

As Nalita’s mother, I feel very grateful to be able to offer her the best of the best, taking care of her health in a natural way and providing her with a life full of love and wellbeing.

Seeing her happy confirms that we have chosen the right path.

Dogmom Yuma: Overflowing Love

Since I became a dogmom, apart from feeling an overflowing love at every moment, I also feel a concern and a need to always give Yuma the best. At the beginning we were guilty of giving processed snacks due to lack of information, but nowadays, and understanding the subject, we are 100% committed to natural snacks, for their benefits and the advantages they provide. Yuma enjoys eating them, and you have no doubts about their composition as they are visible to the naked eye. There is no better snack than natural.

Dogmom Choco and Duque: Unconditional Love

Four years ago, I knew the feeling of falling in love with something other than a person: an animal, a dog, Choco. It came at a difficult time in my life and was my escape from problems. We teach each other in life. A year later, we decided to give her more love. In this doggy case, we are looking for Duque. The best brother and life partner we could have given Choco. And without a doubt, the best decision we made, because they can’t be without each other and we can’t be without them. For the last four years I have been feeling like a super doggy mummy. Or at least, I try to do my best.

Maikai: Celebrating the love and well-being of Dogmoms

At Maikai, we are deeply inspired by the stories of Nala’s, Yuma’s and Choco and Duque’s mums. Their love, dedication and commitment to the welfare of their furry companions are a reflection of the unique bond between Dogmoms and their dogs.

On this Mother’s Day, we want to recognise all Dogmoms for their dedication and for choosing natural products such as those from Maikai to care for the health and well-being of their furry friends.

Thank you for being exceptional mothers!