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Prepare your furry friend for high temperatures

With the arrival of summer, our furry friends enjoy the sun and outdoor adventures. However, high temperatures and abrasive surfaces can wreak havoc on the delicate pads and nose of our furry friends. That’s why Maikai has developed an innovative product: our Pad and Truffle Repair in spray format. This product was designed to protect and care for areas that are extremely important to your furry friend’s comfort and health.

What exactly does our Cushion and Truffle Repair Spray do?

This product is much more than just a spray; it is a protective shield against the elements. Formulated with natural and above all nourishing ingredients, our spray moisturises, repairs and protects your dog’s and/or cat’s pads and nose.

Key benefits for your furry friend:

Deep Moisturising: In summer, your pet’s pads and nose can become dry and cracked due to heat and exposure to hot pavement. Our spray provides intense hydration to prevent and treat dryness, keeping these areas soft and supple.

Protection from the elements: As temperatures rise, surfaces such as asphalt and sand can become abrasive and cause irritation to the pads. This product creates a protective barrier that defends against heat, cold, salt and asphalt, keeping the legs and truffle safe in all conditions.

Repair and regeneration: If your pet already suffers from cracked pads or a dry truffle, this spray will help repair and regenerate the damaged skin, promoting a fast and effective recovery.

Easy to apply: With a simple spray, it absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue, making it ideal for restless or touch-sensitive pets.

Suitable for all breeds and ages: Whether you have a playful puppy or an older cat, this product is safe and effective for all ages and breeds.

Linking the product to the summer

With the summer heat fast approaching, it is important to prepare our furry friends for the high temperatures and outdoor activities. This spray is an essential tool to ensure your furry friend can enjoy the summer safely and comfortably, without worrying about damage caused by heat and abrasive surfaces.

At Maikai, we believe in providing high quality products that promote the well-being and happiness of our furry friends.

With our repair spray, you can be sure you’re giving your furry friend the care they deserve, allowing them to enjoy the summer season to the full.