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Protect your furry friend from processionary caterpillars

In the fascinating world of nature, there are creatures that are as beautiful as they are dangerous, and one of them is the processionary caterpillar. In this article, we will explore what exactly this creature is, what the risks of the processionary caterpillar are for your dog and, most importantly, what measures you can take to protect them.

What is the processionary caterpillar?

The processionary caterpillar, scientifically known as Thaumetopoea pityocampa, is a common caterpillar species in many regions, especially in pine forest areas. These creatures are characterised by their furry appearance and form single file processions as they forage for food.



Processionary caterpillar risk to your dog

Although they may seem harmless, processionary caterpillars are extremely dangerous to our furry friends. Their fur is covered with tiny stinging hairs that can cause severe allergic reactions and even damage to the skin, mouth and tongue of furry people who touch or ingest them.


Advice on how to avoid contact:

  1. Vigilance on walks: If you walk your furry friend in wooded areas, keep an eye on him and keep him away from pine trees where these caterpillars tend to live.
  2. Keep your furry friend on a leash: Controlling your furry friend on a leash during walks can prevent them from getting too close to areas where these creatures are found.
  3. Education and awareness: Learn to recognise the appearance of processionary caterpillars and teach your children and other family members to stay away from them.

Find out more about symptoms and treatments here.

What to do if your furry friend is affected?

  1. Contact a vet: If you suspect your furry friend has had contact with a processionary caterpillar, seek veterinary care immediately.
  2. Do not rub the affected area: Avoid rubbing or touching the affected area so as not to spread the stinging hairs further.
  3. Wash with cold water: Gently rinse the affected area with cold water to help soothe irritation.


Protecting our furry friends is a responsibility we share as human petlovers. With a little care and caution, we can keep our furry companions safe from threats that lurk in the wild, such as the dangerous processionary caterpillar.

Recuerde dar siempre prioridad a la seguridad y el bienestar de sus mascotas en todas sus aventuras al aire libre, ¡y aprenda a identificar los riesgos de la procesionaria para su perro!