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How the time change affects our furry friends

At Maikai Pets we care about the well-being of your furry friends at all times, even during time changes. As we approach the time change, it is important to understand how this adjustment may affect our furry friends. We tell you what steps we can take to make sure they remain comfortable and safe.

When does the time change?

The time change, also known as daylight saving time or winter time, occurs twice a year in many parts of the world. In most places, such as Spain, the clocks are put forward one hour in the spring (the last Sunday in March) and put back one hour in the autumn (the last Sunday in October).

Advantages and Disadvantages of the time change for our furry friends


  1. More natural light. During daylight saving time, there are more hours of daylight. This can be beneficial for outdoor activities and playtime with our furry friends.
  2. Easier daily routine: For some furry dogs, the time change may make it easier to adjust to a daily routine more in line with human activities, such as walks and meals.



  1. Disruption of the circadian rhythm: Like humans, animals have a circadian rhythm that regulates their sleep-wake cycle. The time change can disrupt this rhythm, which can lead to disorientation and changes in behaviour.
  2. Difficulty adjusting: Some furries may take several days or weeks to adjust to the new schedule, which can result in changes in their appetite, energy and sleep patterns.


How to help our pets during the time change

  1. Maintain a consistent routine: Try to keep your furry’s daily routine of feeding, exercise and rest as consistent as possible, even during the time change.
  2. Provide a calm environment: During the first few days of the time change, be sure to provide your furry friend with a calm and relaxed environment to help them adjust to the new time.
  3. Give them extra attention: If you notice that your pets are struggling to adjust to the time change, give them extra attention, play and affection to help them feel safe and comfortable.

At Maikai Pets, we understand the importance of caring for our furry friends all year round, including during the time change. With a little extra attention and care, we can help our furry friends adapt gently and safely to these seasonal changes.