MAIKAI is a young company with a long professional career of its team. Always driven by the desire to excel, honesty and integrity.

MAIKAI is a Hawaiian word meaning good, useful and beautiful. As soon as we analysed it, it was clear to us. MAIKAI represented us. And as a brand we felt it reflected the coherence of what we wanted to do. And why not? The fact that it was a Hawaiian term gave it a touch of exoticism.

In MAIKAI we are a very creative and innovative team, we are always looking for excellence in everything we do and we offer the best product proposals with the best quality for pets.

Although MAIKAI was born in 2020, today we can say that we have come a long way to be able to offer our best proposal to the market, based on the natural and healthy alternative for our furry friends, with a clear objective of being environmentally sustainable.

Our story is born out of friendship.

4 friends, animal and nature lovers, concerned about natural, real and sustainable food for both people and pets, one day decide that there is a place for us in the market. And it is clear that things that are done from the heart cannot go wrong.

Our other great friends have 4 legs, and we understood that, just as we take great care of what we eat, in terms of quality and origin, our furry friends also deserved it. We were no longer talking about basic food, as there are already several brands on the market, but about fun moments and helping to promote the health of our furry friends.


MAIKAI philosophy: things can be done better.

From the need to find a healthier dietfor people, comes the need to look for better alternatives for the furry ones.

Better products, natural, quality, and with an awareness of environmental sustainability.

Being a small company is not incompatible with being able to do things well. In fact, it’s the way to do it with care. And so we project it in everything we do and that, we hope, is how you perceive it.

We will continue to work with our clear and coherent objectives. But we will never lose our illusion.

And you, we hope, will become part of this little family that is also convinced by our values.


The concept of “SUSTAINABLE RESPONSIBILITY” is the one that best defines our company philosophy.

At MAIKAI, as well as being animal lovers, we are passionate about nature, so in everything we do we focus on conserving and not harming the environment.

We take our responsibility to be committed to respecting the environment, to the production processes of our products and to our packaging.

We know there is still a long way to go, but every day we try to do our bit to take care of our planet. Our packaging is made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials. With each new product packaging process we search the market for the most sustainable options, even if that requires our packaging costs to be higher. Differentiating ourselves from the competition by doing things right is one of the principles inherent in MAIKAI’s philosophy.

Our snack bags are made from recyclable paper, which helps eliminate plastic waste.

Our boxes are made of FSC-certified cardboard, which comes from responsibly reforested forests.

Although at the moment we are a small company that takes care of every single detail, our thought is to make things perfect for our big clients.

Honesty and integrity. This is MAIKAI.

Will you join us? we are waiting for you!