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MAIKAI packaging has an award!

MAIKAI Pets‘ environmentally responsible packaging has an award: Agripina Awards (Spanish Festival of Advertising, Marketing and Communication) has chosen our design as the best in the category of packaging.

The 11th edition of the Agripina Awards, the Spanish Festival of Advertising, Marketing and Communication, took place on 25 November, where many agencies presented their best projects to be awarded for their creativity. This year, more than 100 advertising and marketing campaigns from agencies from all over Spain were submitted.

MAIKAI Pets was a finalist (and winner) thanks to its sustainable packaging. Our mission is to offer the market natural and healthy products without losing quality and being environmentally responsible, thus generating consumer awareness.

The jury of the Agripina Awards undoubtedly took all these elements into account when selecting MAIKAI Pets as the best packaging project.


MAIKAI Pets has come to stay

MAIKAI Pets was born in 2020 after detecting a need in the pet market, a lack and a need that made them set a clear objective: to provide the market with a healthy, natural and wholesome complementary food for pets.

With this clear objective in mind, the brand was created from scratch, building a healthy pet ́s life style philosophy: natural, healthy and original products, providing creative packaging that conveys the brand’s valueswith a commitment to the environment in the use of its materials and a very careful design that provides a true brand experience.


MAIKAI Pets Philosophy: our commitment to the environment

MAIKAI Pets is a young company, only a few years old. It arose from the need to take care of pet food and not finding products on the market that were up to the task, offering natural, quality products and with an awareness of sustainability with the environment.

The biggest challenge was to design a brand image from scratch, as well as the packaging design of the products.


Our packaging

This packaging should perfectly conveying the company’s philosophythe project also helped to build a brand image that would help to position the company in the animal feed market, as one of the benchmarks in terms of product quality and customer experience with the packaging created.

MAIKAI Pets has different products and categories, so we had to design a different packaging for each of them, maintaining a common aesthetic line but easily differentiated.

For this, we chose a very striking chromatic range and a fun typography, not forgetting the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The importance of environmental care

Our packaging is made from sustainable and 100% recyclable materials.

  • Natural treats for dogs and cats: the snack bags are made of recyclable paper, which helps to eliminate waste in plastic materials.
  • Dog and cats snacks packs: the boxes of our packs are made of recycled cardboard, others in FSC certified cardboard, which come from forests that are reforested in a responsible manner, and any type of materials used are always made of truly sustainable materials.


MAIKAI Pets sustainable packaging explanation


What they say about us and our packaging

Our customers do not hesitate to highlight the quality and design of our packaging:

Silvia: ” Awesome presentation. Delivery in less than 12 hours, great variety of treats, entertaining and delicious. The furry ones have been very happy with this gift”.

Alicia: “The oil is the second time I’ve bought it, my two dogs and my cat love it. The anchovies have been a success and we will definitely repeat. The presentation of the product, luxury. Very fast delivery”.

Hard: “Very good quality treats, very well presented, very well explained…a 10”.

Soley: “My three Yorkshires are crazy about these lungs. The pack comes in a cardboard bag with a sticker, nice and cosy. Inside, we find the 3 packets of dog snacks. The pack has a capacity of 80g and is easy to open and close thanks to its airtight seal.”


At MAIKAI Pets we are very happy and proud that our efforts have been recognised by awards of this magnitude, we are looking forward to continue working and making this project grow!