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Natural dried snacks: the healthiest choice for pets

Nowadays, there are already many people who choose to offer their pets natural dried snacks. Dried pet foods offer all the advantages of raw pet foods without any of the negative aspects. Raw food is often the preferred dietary choice of holistic veterinarians and pet owners.

These are fresh, unprocessed foods, rich in vitamins, enzymes and bio-nutrients. Benefits include reduced allergies, itch-free skin, odour-free breath, improved energy and less faeces.

If you’ve never given it much thought, there are many reasons why you might want to try natural dehydrated snacks.

Before you buy another bag of snacks for your furry friend, consider these points that can help you make the right choice and decide on the options that are most nutritious for your dog.

  • They are healthier. Dogs and cats need a diet rich in protein, but if they are not fed raw food, it is difficult to satisfy their needs with kibble alone. Raw foods can be difficult to digest, which is beneficial for building a strong digestive tract in a young or otherwise healthy pet, however, for certain pets this can be a challenge. The dehydration procedure helps to start the digestive process, which makes it much easier for the digestive tract of an older pet or one that is simply not used to a raw diet.
  • Processing is minimal. Traditional kibble is processed at very high temperatures, and this destroys many vital nutrients. Traditional kibble is processed at very high temperatures, and this destroys many vital nutrients. The proteins retain their value without breaking down and provide the same benefits as raw pet food. It is also free of artificial chemical preservatives.
  • It is easy to store. Unlike most other options, dehydrated food does not require a lot of special care to prevent spoilage. It can be stored almost anywhere in the house, does not require refrigeration and tends to last longer than many types of sweets when kept at normal temperatures.
  • Dogs (and cats) love it. Not all dehydrated foods are palatable to humans, but most dogs, and some cats, tend to eat almost anything that smells interesting to them. They are unlikely to refuse a dehydrated snack; even the fussiest pets are likely to try it. Also, there’s a wide variety of protein sources, so you’re sure to find something that works.


You only want the best for your dog, so you always try to buy the best food, but what pet treats do you give it?

There are many reasons why dehydrated dog snacks are a great choice for your furry friend:

Healthy and nutritious

Giving our pets dehydrated snacks is the healthiest option. Its preparation allows all nutrients to be retained and the only thing that is removed is water.

MAIKAI’s natural dehydrated snacks are made from lean raw meat materials (fatty meat does not dehydrate well) or high in collagen, are delicious and low in calories, making them ideal for all types of dogs, even those who need to watch their diet.

The dehydration process preserves the nutritional benefits and eliminates bacteria.

Our pets are always on the lookout for their favourite treats. There are many types of snacks on the market but one of the best options are dehydrated snacks for dogs and cats.

Natural dehydrated sancks for dogs are produced in a dehydrator that removes the water from the meat. This is a process to preserve food and increase its shelf life. As the water content has been removed, the dehydrated snacks are easy to store. The process also eliminates pathogens present in the raw meat. As the food dries, it undergoes a light cooking process (at low temperature and not too long) to change the cellular structure of the ingredients. Dried pet food differs from the process by which kibble is made because dried pet food is cooked at high temperatures (in a process called “extrusion”).

Are natural dehydrated snacks good for dogs?

Yes, they are. Due to the manufacturing process, natural dehydrated dog snacks are healthier than highly processed pet foods and treats. In addition, they do not contain the preservatives found in processed options. When meat is dehydrated, all the nutritional benefits of raw meat remain intact.

Tips for choosing the best natural dehydrated dog snacks

Choose natural, single-ingredient dehydrated dog snacks.

The risk of adulteration, contamination and nutrient loss increases as ingredients undergo further processing and reconstitution.

Check the ingredients list for substances that may be harmful to dogs, such as onion, garlic, artificial colourings, chemicals and preservatives.

A common question we are asked is: “Are natural dehydrated snacks safe and healthy for dogs? The answer, in reality, is twofold. Jerky produced for human consumption is usually spiced and should not be given to dogs. Natural dehydrated snacks for canine consumption, if made with quality meats, are the most recommended and nutritious treats for dogs.

What are natural dehydrated dog snacks made of?

Meat, poultry or fish cut into strips and dried to prevent spoilage. The removal of water makes the meat very light. The scientific principle of food preservation by drying is that by removing moisture, enzymes cannot come into contact and react effectively with the food. This prevents the food from spoiling.


Dehydration is a gentle, low-temperature process that preserves vitamins and other temperature-sensitive nutrients better than baking, cooking or frying. This is why premium natural dried snacks are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Dried meat is a very dense source of protein. Depending on the type of meat used, it can be composed of more than 85% high quality protein.

Natural single-ingredient dehydrated snacks, e.g. made from chicken breast or beef liver, are extremely lean. This makes these snacks a great treat for dogs on a diet.

Due to their low water content, dehydrated natural snacks are relatively hard and chewy. When dogs chew on dehydrated meat, this process promotes the removal of plaque and tartar build-up. As a result, this contributes to the overall dental hygiene of canines.

As the premium natural dried snacks consist exclusively of meat, they are a perfectly suitable snack for dogs on a raw diet.

The training and education of our furry friends are the times and moments when it is most necessary to give our pets treats. MAIKAI’s natural dehydrated snacks, such as chicken breast strips, beef lungs or livers, are easily transportable and can be easily shredded for portioning. On the other hand, if we want to entertain our furry friends for long periods of time, so that they can release stress or simply entertain themselves, dehydrated pig’s ears, beef tracheas or lamb’s trotters are your best allies.

How to know if dried snacks are of good quality:

There are two important things to look out for:

  • Single ingredient (only meat, poultry or fish with no additives, fillers or preservatives)
  • Pure meat (not pressed meat by-products)

In addition, it is recommended to avoid dehydrated snacks made in China. Between August 2007 and December 2015, more than 6,200 dogs, 26 cats and three people became seriously ill in what is now known as the “melamine scandal”. Over 1,140 of these dogs died. Although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never been able to fully identify the exact cause of the diseases, it was largely associated with the consumption of natural pet snacks imported from China.

How much natural dried snacks can I give my dog?

Natural dehydrated snacks are not intended to replace part or all of our furry friends’ diet. The general rule of thumb is that treats should not account for more than 10 per cent of a dog’s total daily calorie intake. This is also a good guide to giving natural dried snacks to your dog.

As with all other treats and chews, it is recommended that you supervise your dog when feeding natural dehydrated snacks, as they contain very little water, so your dog may become thirsty when eating natural dehydrated snacks. Make sure it has access to fresh water before offering a healthy treat to your furry friend.

What makes MAIKAI’s natural dried snacks special:

Our snacks are one of the best high-protein treats you can find. They are handmade from the finest free-range meats. Instead of adding liquid smoke additives to achieve the characteristic taste, our products are produced in a smokehouse. Your dog or cat will love every little tasty morsel of our natural snacks. They are the kind of treat Mother Nature intended for our furry friends; tasty sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids with no added hormones, antibiotics, flavourings, preservatives or pesticides. That’s snack perfection.

MAIKAI is always the healthy, natural and quality alternative for your pet.

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