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The importance of play in your dog’s life


Today is Play Day, a perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of play and entertainment in the life of your faithful companion. Play is not only a source of fun and enjoyment, but it is also crucial for stimulating your furry friend’s intelligence and thinking. So get ready to discover some fun games that will put your pet’s brain to work.


Dog games are more than just entertainment: they strengthen the bond with your dog, channel his energy and promote his physical and mental development. By playing with your four-legged friend on a regular basis, you are giving him the opportunity to exercise while stimulating his intelligence.


You may be wondering what types of games are best for your canine companion. Don’t worry, we have some great ideas to share with you:


Games of smell: Smell is one of the most developed senses in our faithful companions. Put it to the test by hiding tidbits in hard-to-reach places and encourage your furry friend to find them by following their scent. Our 100% natural candies are an excellent choice for this game. If you want to try them, we especially recommend the whole sprats, which dogs love.


Agility games: This is a fun and challenging way to develop your furry’s coordination and confidence. With obstacles like tunnels, hurdles and slaloms, you can help your dog develop physical skills while having fun together. If you have the chance, don’t hesitate to go for a refreshing swim and play on a nearby beach with toys such as frisbees. This will help your pet improve his mobility while exercising.


dog on the beach maikai pets


Educational and positive obedience games: These games are great for teaching your pet new tricks while developing his intelligence and having fun. These games combine learning with entertainment, making the experience both stimulating and enjoyable for your furry friend. Use interactive toys or training exercises to teach basic commands such as “sit”, “down” or “paw”.


Mental games: Mind games are great for stimulating your furry friend’s thinking. Try puzzle-type toys where your dog has to push levers, pull ropes or turn pieces to reach a reward.


Including these games in your four-legged friend’s routine on a regular basis will help keep him mentally stimulated, happy and balanced. Don’t forget to reward your dog with praise, petting and MAIKAI treats when he successfully overcomes a challenge.


Finally, don’t forget that play is an essential part of your pet’s life. Take advantage of play day to discover new games, stimulate your furry friend and strengthen your bond with him.


Have fun and enjoy a nice time with your faithful companion!